About OS

We started as Sneaker collectors back in 2003. During that time we gained knowledge and insight on the sneaker culture, as members of Forums like Sole Collector and browsed other forums such as Niketalk and UTA.

As Sneaker collectors ourselves, we know the importance behind finding that shoe you want at a good price without receiving "Fake/Variant" sneakers or paying "rape" prices.

Our goal at OS Life is to deliver you a product with the right price and customer satisfaction.

"We carry Sneakers for the Avid Sneaker Wearer"

As you may have noticed, we don't just carry shoes that are "hyped up" or are "rare", we also carry shoes for the everyday Sneaker Wearer. We have set principles when we decide what sneakers to carry: "If we can not be competitive(best price) than we usually won't carry it".

We're not here to compete with eBay or Flightclub or "resellers" in general. When we receive our inventory our goal is to get it in the hands of the customers, not to try to get top dollar and make you think twice about buying a sneaker that you want.

We are Sneaker Brokers (TM). We do NOT have a Nike Account, We do NOT buy shoes from Air-Randy or any other overseas dealer, we work with many vendors across the US to help aid our customers sneaker needs.

"Where have we been for the past 7 years?"

We have been selling shoes on eBay and Sole Collector under the Alias "Dashoekidd". When our ability to get more and more kicks started to expand and when eBay raised their fee's we begun to seek other routes. in 2009 we sarted a website called Ourstylekicks.com which we did for a year and than started our own forum www.myoslife.com which is now www.myoslife.com/marketplace

We now have been running www.shopmyoslife.com (myoslife) for over 6 years now and have served thousands of customers during that time. Our goal is to get bigger, but not to do so at the expense of our customers. We have been successful because of our ability to lower our cost, instead of raising our prices.

Are We legit? Of course! Don't take out word for it, we have been featured on MANY of sneaker websites such as Nicekicks.com, Kicksdeals.com, Modern-notoriety.com, and Complex Magazine.


*PLEASE NOTE: We often use one stock photo for the main image, but beside that mostly all of our pictures are tagged as we use the pictures for eBay and other websites where we sell under "Dashoekidd" name. When we find out we are getting shoes early or PRE ORDER we won't have tagged pics.