Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Are your shoes 100% Authentic?

A) Yes, ALL of our shoes are 100% authentic and are ALL purchased from Authorized Nike Vendors and Retailers! We do NOT buy shoes from overseas or early release sites as we are NOT willing to take the risk of selling you anything thats not 100% authentic without any doubts.

Q) Why are most of your shoes Sold Out?

A) We price our shoes to sell! We don't price them so they can sit around and stay in stock for weeks and months. Our quantity is limited and we usually sell out of Releases in less than 48 hours.

Q) How Do I know when you will get more product in or will restock a shoe?

A) We load inventory on the weekends, with exceptions for wednesdays. Check Back on the weekend and or follow us on twitter at OS_LIFE
Q) How long after I place my order will my shoes be shipped?

A) All orders are shipped within 2-3 Business days after your order has been placed. To give you a general idea it usually takes 24-48 hours to get your order out.

Q) Does my order come with Delivery confirmation? Signature confirmaton?

A) Delivery confirmation is STANDARD on all orders, Signature confirmation is an optional service, available for purchase.

Q) How do I track my order?

A) Tracking is sent from iship_services@iship.com, please check your email inbox and junk mail (spam) as sometimes the email is recongized as such by your email system.

Q) Do you have a Store location?

A) No, at this time we are only online. We have considered opening a shop, but at this time to keep the prices low and competitive we're going to stay an online store.

Q) How often do you get new merchandise?

A) We are out working with vendors on a daily basis to get new merchandise! We also deal with collectors in buying their collection so we can bring you older sneakers as well. But our same rules apply, if we can not be competitive in selling the sneaker than we're probably not going to purchase it.

Q) How often do you restock shoes?

A) We never know when or if we will restock certain models. Like stated before, many of our limited shoes are bought from sneaker collectors, and we can't put a time table on when we will get kind of stuff back in.

For Any other question please feel free to email us at ourstylekicks(at)gmail.com