*NEW* Shipping Policy

"We double box ALL SNEAKER ORDERS"

Base price for shipping within the United States is now $15. For Some sneakers,depending on their weight and box size,shipping will be slightly more. We will note in the product description anytime that the sneaker(s) will be more than $15. If you are purchasing two or more items, your first item is $15, second item is now $7 and third item is $7, and every item after that is $7 as well.

ALL ORDERS will be shipped out 2-3 Business Days AFTER your order is placed.
This policy will start November 1st 2015

We are currently using UPS Ground for orders, but will also use USPS Priority when needed. UPS Ground takes 3-5 Business Days.


We are now shipping to the following Countries:

Canada - $40 per item, $20 for second item.

France - $60 per item, $20 for second item

Finland - $560 per item, $20 for second item

Germnay - $60 per item, $20 for second item

Italy - $60 per item, $20 for second item

Mexico - $60 per item, $20 for second item

Netherlands - $60 per item, $20 for second item

Norway - $60 per item, $20 for second item

Philippines - $60 per item, $20 for second item

Singapore - $65 per item, $20 for second item

Sweden - $60 per item, $20 for second item United Kingdom - $65 Per item, $20 for second Item

Please Note that ALL Address MUST BE VERIFIED ADDRESS!

ALL ORDERS will be shipped out VIA USPS Priority mail which is estimated at 6-10 Business Days! All Orders will be Double Boxed, so that your shoes and its boxes are protected during shipping.

All Orders have the same time frame to be shipped as our United States orders. It takes an average of 1-3 Business Days for orders to be processed and Shipped out. When placing an order on a Thursday or Friday, there is a great chance your order will not be shipped out until the following Monday or Tuesday.

We Reserve the Right to Cancel Any Order! If there is any issue on our end or we are having any trouble with your address, or simply have any suspicion about your order. In any case that takes place where your order is cancelled you will be issued a full refund.

We package shoes by the 1,2,4,6,8. If your order has extra or less shoes in it where we have to package and ship certain orders separately we reserve the right to cancel the ODD number out shoe.

We will mark the Product Value for Exactly what the product it is worth. When we mark a package for a Value less than what a shoe is worth we are only able to get reimbursed for that dollar amount if something goes wrong.

We are aware that this means you are probably going to have to pay a higher Tax on the item when you purchase it, but if something was to happen to your item while in transit we will be the ones who are held responsible for it and will be taking a major $ lost.

There will be certain items that we will not ship outside of the United States, which will most likely be merchandise that is priced anywhere from $300 and up. We will make note on items that are excluded

Tracking emails (excludes Hawaii and Alaska) will now be sent out from iship_services@iship_services@iship.com.com_Services@iship_services@iship.com.com or paypal services
Shipping confirmation requires for someone to sign for your package when it is delivered. This is an optional service, unless your order is 499.99 or more in which Signature confirmation is mandatory. PLEASE NOTE we are not responsible for packages that are stolen off your porch, we offer signature confirmation to insure this as well as insurance, so we suggest you purchase it.

We are now offering Insurance! You have the option to be able to purchase Insurance for your order. The Insurance option are as follows: $2.50 for $200 Insurance, $5 for $300 insurance, and $10 for $500 Insurance.